Our Family Farm

Beans & Greens Farm was founded by Andy & Martina Howe, local dairy farmers from Gilford.  The first 'farmstand' was Andy & a pregnant Martina in a pickup filled with freshly picked corn. In 30+ years since Beans & Greens has constantly sought to adapt our unique farm experience - to provide as much high quality, locally produced food & fun as possible!

Our farm's always brought agriculturally enthusiastic people together in one place to grow, cook & eat great foods while working hard to help our farm stay productive season after season. Our farmstand is a way for us to share the agricultural experience, and food, with you... and everyone is welcome!!

  Our Farmstand

Sawyer's Flats, or The Intervale, is where Beans & Greens makes its home on the old Rand & Smith Farm. In the late 90's the team renovated the 200 year old timber framed barn, in addition to having Beans & Greens farmstand's new home designated a Historic landmark.

The Beans & Greens campus is also home to several other unique Timber Frame buildings, including the historical farmhouse and potting shed, the reclaimed and redesigned 1800's rear of the main barn, and numerous other outbuildings. In the middle of the grounds is our pavilion, built by the Howe Family (led by timber framer Andy), from scratch, from their own forests. 

245 Intervale Road, Gilford, NH 03249

Tel: 603-293-2853

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