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About Our Farm


Lindy & Chris

Beans & Greens Farm was founded by Andy & Martina Howe, local dairy farmers from Gilford.


For 30+ years Beans & Greens has constantly sought to adapt a unique farm experience - to provide as much high quality, locally produced food & fun as possible!


In April of 2021 the Beans and Greens torch was passed on to the new owner Chris Collias.  Chris along with his girlfriend Lindy, have spent the first two  years armed with a great culinary team and a dedicated and hard-working retail staff. They have introduced new prepared meals and soups to the selections along, with expanding the catering aspect of the business. In addition, new exterior doors and a heating system was added allowing Beans & Greens to be open year round!

In the summer of 2022, they launched Jack & The Flying Bean Stalk kids adventure park. Complete with a large jumping pad and mini ziplines. They will continue to add to the park with each season.

2023 they  were happy to announce the opening of Notch Biergarten at Beans & Greens.  Adding an outdoor biergarten under the beautiful timber framed pavilion and updating their seating with new tables and benches.  This allowed for more entertainment, such as,  Comedy Shows, Dueling Pianos, Oktoberfest and live entertainment with local artists. They were excited that the community participated and joined in the fun and look forward to offering more entertainment as they grow.

Each new year they will continue to grow the business around

Family, Farm, Food & Fun.  The team is extremely proud that their efforts have lead to being named "Best in the Lakes" in the farmstand category for 2022 & 2023! 

The new owners love  having a place where the community is welcome to meet and appreciate  getting to know all of their patrons.


Mr. Beans

Beans & Greens Farm - Front Lawn
Beans & Greens Farm - Anne Skidmore - fa
Beans & Greens Farm - Pavilion Evening E
Beans & Greens Farm - Farmstand at Sunse
Beans & Greens Farm - Anne Skidmore - fa
Beans & Greens Farm - Pavilion Naked Fra
Beans & Greens Farm - farmstand front si
Beans & Greens Farm - Katlyn Ashley -far
Beans & Greens Farm - farmstand front vi
Beans & Greens Farm - Farmstand Fall Ent
Beans & Greens Farm - Pavilion No Roof
Beans & Greens Farm - Farmstand Winter C
Beans & Greens Farm - farmstand inside
Beans & Greens Farm - Katlyn Ashley - Pa
Beans & Greens Farm - sign view
Beans & Greens Farm - Katlyn Ashley - farmstand front door
Beans & Greens Farm - Pavilion Raising
Beans & Greens Farm - Anne Skidmore - fa
Beans & Greens Farm - Katlyn Ashley - farmstand
Beans & Greens Farm - Pavilion dinner setting.jpg

Our Farmstand

Sawyer's Flats, or The Intervale, is where Beans & Greens makes its home on the old Rand & Smith Farm. In the late 90's the team renovated the 200 year old timber framed barn, in addition to having Beans & Greens farmstand's new home designated a Historic landmark.

The Beans & Greens campus is also home to several other unique Timber Frame buildings, including the historical farmhouse and potting shed, the reclaimed and redesigned 1800's rear of the main barn, and numerous other outbuildings. 


In the middle of the grounds is our pavilion, built by the Howe Family

(led by timber framer Andy Howe)

Beans & Greens Farm - bakery treats.jpg

Family, Farm, food & Fun

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